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About Me - Varga L Zsuzsa


Dear Visitor!

My name is Varga L. Zsuzsa. I was born on 30th Nov 1954 in Gyöngyös, Hungary.

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.” Tom Hiddleston

My life started with planking. That was the way I found myself first. I started with felt pictures. I used a traditional technic, but not in a traditional way. Just like if I would paint.. As I was placing the layers upon each other, I was feeling the vibrating unity of it all in my head. This is called ’alla prima’ in painting. My first master, the sculptor Csilla Hallassy, waggled her head when seeing this student breaking all the rules while redesigning the world. Pictures were followed by pictures and within a year Csilla opened my very first exhibition/debut exhibition, under the title ’Felts of Zsuzsa’ in the city of Heves on 29th November 2013.

My mystical relationship with wool has been deepening ever since. In 2018 as a result of subsequent technical experimenting, I created several diaphanous stoles which did not get into any exhibitions as they were in demand and were all sold quickly. Painting came to my life in 2013. I got acquainted with the basics of this art at a special course, which was followed by other workshops. My master there was the graphic artist and painter, Anna Felföldi, who is now teaching and creating in Norway. Not only did she teach me the techniques of paintng, but also to believe in myself. She helped me discover a way to self-expression with the tools of my choice which came to be acryl and painting knife.

My experimenting spirit is still present as ever, though. It has resulted, for instance, in my exhibition, ’Symbols’, where my paintings came to life on special large paper canvases. I love creating unique surfaces and enjoy experimenting with different textures and factures when besides seing the pieces of art you can touch them as well.


Felts of Zsuzsa -29 Nov 2013, Heves
Magic of colors-04 Dec 2014, Gyöngyös
Zodiac vision- 30 May 2017, Gyöngyös
Symbols- 03 Dec 2017, G43 Galery, Budapest
Colorful caleidoscope- 06 Apr 2018, Gyöngyös

Dear Visitor!
Accept with love, look around and get to know my creations.

Zsuzsa L. Varga, artist